Social Center “Xaspel” opened doors on 10th of May, 2010

This is the first social center to operate in Sofia, Bulgaria and the goal behind it is to bring together social, environmental, and political activists that are committed to a better world free of structural, symbolic, and normalized violence.

The center supports initiatives linked to the green movement, social movements, free and accessible education, political and economic alternatives, critical assessment of the current political economy, freedom of movement, etc. As a whole our goal is to provide with voice the restless many and through the method of critical thinking and asking, to work toward alternatives to the presented status quo.

We reject any form of hatred against the marginalized people. We do not support or tolerate racism, sexism, homo- and transphobia, xenophobia, and all that brings hatred and unequal bearing toward the members of our, or any other, society. We hope to create a space, where the principles of equality and equity, self-management, solidarity, mutual aid, creativity, and humanity prevail.

In order for groups and/or individuals to be involved and work on the territory of the center, they need to accept the following principles:
1. The social center is based on the principles of equity, solidarity, diversity and self-management.
2. This social center strives to create a better world that does not exploit the planet Earth.
3. We declare ourselves against any discrimination based on gender, age, sexual preference, nationality and/or ethnicity, and religious beliefs.
4. We are not affiliated with any political party or religious group. Thus, this place shall be free from any political party propaganda, commercial advertisement, and/or religious propaganda.
6. This social center is part of the larger processes for social change and strives to develop non-hierarchical and anti-authoritarian relationships – on personal as well as on group level.

The decisions taken in the center are based on consensus.

Contact us at:
Madrid Street 8,
Sofia, Bulgaria
Email: xaspel.sofia (at) gmail.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/xaspel

For an extended Q&A interview with members of the collective on the history, principles, and ideas they share, please click here

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